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feeding #1
hi all, i have recently introduced a black moor to my biorb it lives with 4 cloud minnows at the moment, whilst the minnows are happy eating from the top of the tank, the moor tends not to bother going to the top at all, he just seems to suck at the silk plants and move the rocks around. I thought he may be a bottom feeder as he just swims through the others whilst they eat around him, is this normal?
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Re: feeding #2
Black moors are simply a version of the Goldfish, and like all carp species they have a slightly downturned mouth, especially when extended to feed, which gives a clue as to their feeding preference. Carp tend to graze algae from rocks in the wild for a large proportion of the time, so this is indeed natural behaviour (even if the plants and gravel aren't!).
It's actually a good thing if Fancy goldfish don't spend too much time eating at the surface, as they can ingest air with their food, which often gets trapped in their stomach and causes them to float upside-down - pretty stressful for fish and owner!
To make sure your fish is getting its vitamins, I'd suggest getting some sinking pellets that he can pick at from the substrate.
Just one more unrelated point - watch out for fin-nipping from the Whiteclouds. They are peaceful fish in general, but the lure of a Black Moor's tail as it waddles past can be too much occasionally!
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Re: feeding #3
Hi there As long as the moor is getting his fair share of the food then you have nothing to worry about, as marc mentioned it is better if they don't feed at the surface because they can take in air which can give them swimbladder trouble, just get some sinking pellets for fancy goldfish and he should be fine.
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Re: feeding #4

My white Oranda rarely makes a trip to the surface of the tank, but loves to dig in the gravel and makes lots of noise
I think his round shape makes it hard for him to swim upwards, unlike the Shibunkin and Sarasa Comet he lives with
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