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Ive got a pregnant fish and im clueless #1
Hi all

So Im an idiot because I now have a pregnant platy and I have ZERO knowledge and even less time to figure out how to help her and the fry.

I went to a fish shop and bought two fish which were to be my kid's first pets. I specifically told the shopkeeper I have very little time and they need to be low maintenance and a type of fish that dont need a big tank. That creep sold me one male and one female and now the female is pregnant. I know it was my responsibility to learn about fishkeeping before i got them but i had no idea, i went in to buy a goldfish which i had as a kid myself but he said they will need huge tanks and sold me these. He said these are minnows. They ARE NOT EVEN MINNOWS! They are platys.
After I realised one is looking bloated i emailed him pictures and asked if she's pregnant and he said yes you've got one female and one male looking at the picture. Im furious because i cant care for a pregnant fish and im so scared for the poor babies. I dont know how to create a fry trap as ive been googling online that is needed.

i also have spent a small fortune trying to do well by these fish so far and it all seems to be going wrong as I used nitrate remover and the tank water is now pale green as soon as i added the nitrate remover (algae im guessing so off to buy a UV filter next). I have bought a 24litre tank, gravel, a live plant, a fake plant and added a sponge filter so i can switch the main filter off when the fry come (or preferably before). I use tapsafe and do about 20% weekly water changes and add a conditioner. Im looking to get some water testing strips now and i dont know what else i may need.

Please help me how do i know when the babies are likely to arrive? How do i create a trap for the fry? There are only two fish in the tank, should I remove the male now? he can go into the smaller tank. This is so horrible as im a total novice and dont know anyone with fish!

Thank you in advance!