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Goldfish lying on bottom #1
Hi, after a bit of help. I have a new pond, it has been running for a number of weeks before any fish were added and I de-chlorinated the water. I have a 90,000 litre filter with 20000 litre pump running and UV. Today I have noticed the goldfish are lying on the bottom under my lily ( slowly lowering to the bottom) there is some soil on the bottom in this location as my carp dug it out. If I feed them they all swim up and feed fine, then after a little while they start to go back. Not all of them some swim around, my carp and Koi swim around as normal. They just lie there as if asleep then sometimes will just go for a swim around, is this normal or should I worry? Not tested the water properly as yet need a test kit, but with a PH and alkalinity test was 7.5 and 80ppm and showed no chlorine. Thanks Tom

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Re: Goldfish lying on bottom #2
How long have fish been in the pond? What did you do to cycle it before adding fish?