Hi, just moved house and inherited a fish pond, and I need some help as haven't a clue about ponds and fish, I've been told that previous owners have done it wrong and I need new equipment, I have already had to let the koi go as pond isn't suitable for them
The pond is a preformed kidney shape pond and the volume is 1600 litres, it is run at the minute by a pontec eco 5000 pump up to a 5000 pressure filter and back down a waterfall into pond,
What I want to change the pressure filter to bottom of waterfall and run pipe to top of waterfall, I want a oase filtoclear but I've been told get the biggest one you can afford
The waterfall is 1.6m high from pond surface and there is currently 8 goldfish type in pond, also the pump isn't very old so could I still use it with a bigger filter as the flow down waterfall seems fine, any help would be appreciated.