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Shy Sparkly Gourami #1
Hey guys, I've had 7 sparkly gourami in my little 24 gallon tank for the past six months. They're in with 6 pygmy Corydoras and 5 Gertrudae spotted blue eyed rainbows. Everything I've witnessed in this tank has been completely peaceful, apart from the sparkly boys flaring and wrestling eachother in the past few weeks (normal from what I've read given that they've reached maturity and it's been raining quite a lot). However, in the past month or so the sparklies have been particularly shy with me and my partner. Anytime we enter the room they bolt for the plants and won't come out no matter how long we wait unless we feed the tank. Prior to the past few weeks they were fairly confident and would be out in the open playing in the plants and hunting for detritus worms. I can't think of anything that would have changed their behavior like this. Has anyone experienced this sudden change in their personalities? Is there anything I can do to make them more comfortable?

I've attached a photo of the tank, please let me know if anything looks amiss. The only fish visible are the gertrudae in the center top.

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Re: Shy Sparkly Gourami #2
Can only reply v.briefly but, in essence:
* nice tank - nothing looks untoward;
* what are ammonia/nitrite/nitrates readings? - something even slightly awry might a/c for behaviour change;
* v.possibly, they've been spooked by something external/internal to tank - can only recommend softly/delicately moving towards tank (if poss), sitting by it for however long it takes for them to get used to you, & even chatting/communicating w/ them (this calms mine down and/or they are bemused by it & come out to investigate).