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fish-less cycle going belly up #1
Hi People,
I am new here and new ish to fish keeping, I already have an 80 litre tank that at last is fully cycled, I had to do a fish in cycle due to bad advice and after the hassle that caused decided to do a fishless cycle for my next tanks, and that is the cause off my currant problems, I have two 58 litre planted tanks with sand substrate there are two filters in each tank a sponge filter and a large corner box filter, my water ph is 7.6 and my tap water reads 0 for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate, I have set the temp high for cycling at 28c, the tanks have been running for 3 weeks now, I am using Dr Tims ammonia at 2ppm in both tanks, after a week, ammonia had started to drop and both nitrite and nitrate were present, so I topped up both tanks back to 2ppm ammonia daily, after another week the cycle stalled due to the fact the water was dead and my nitrites and nitrates where so high they where unreadable, following some advice i did a water change on both tanks to get the perimeters back in readable levels, from that point I have had to do about 80-90% water changes daily to keep the cycle going or it starts to stall every other day, my problem started in one of the tanks on Monday instead of the ammonia being all gone in the morning as usual it was reading 0.25ppm, strange but I did the water change as normal and re dosed back to 2ppm, on Tuesday it was worse it was reading 0.5 ppm I have no idea why but I stuck to the routine water change and dose back to 2ppm, oh I also add bacteria after each change, today it is even worse it is reading at 1.00ppm, the other tank is fine and shows no sign of stalling each tank is treated the same so why is the bacteria in one tank dying off, please help I am pulling my hair out here, I started the cycle on both tanks on the 10/04/2021.
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Re: fish-less cycle going belly up #2
No two cycles are the same, so I don't think you have much to worry about. I would back off on changing water so often, and only top the ammonia up when it's near 0.
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Re: fish-less cycle going belly up #3
Is your 80l tank now fully stocked with fish?

And how mature is it? Eg how long since the cycle completed?

Fishlady probably knows where I am going with this.