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Fish sitting at the bottom of the tank #1
hello, my daughters gold fish has been sitting at the bottom of the tank for 2 weeks. It still eats and tries to swim but can’t seem to swim upwards so it could be the swim bladder. I’ve had the water tested and it’s fine and have treated it for bacterial infections (please see picture of treatment) . I wonder if there is anything else anyone could suggest? This sore has now appeared on its back too which has got bigger in the last week. It’s around 3 years old. I feed it peas from time to time over the years to help it’s swim bladder too. I also added some salt ( the fish variety) Do you think it’s worth treating the water again? Thank you.

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Re: Fish sitting at the bottom of the tank #2
Do you have actual test results please for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and pH?