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Is my fish pregnant? #1
I have just joined and looking forward to reading through the posts.

I need help, is anyone able to confirm if my fish is pregnant please? I’m not actually sure what the fish is as my husband got them and didn’t make a note of what he got. All I know is it is a cold water fish.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Is my fish pregnant? #2
Apologies for the delay - been unable to reply before now.
The fish may very well be pregnant - even ten seconds in a tank with a male can result in enough sperm stored to produce offspring for the next 6 months!
It looks as though the fish in the background may be male and the one in the foreground female - but check picture at ... wtopic.php?post_id=352044 for how to differentiate males from females.
Alternatively, if they've eaten a lot at once, they may look similar/bloated - feeding something like peas regularly can help with that (shell off, chopped into tiny morsels). provides details of how to care for these fish.