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Who's Eating My Fish? #1
Looking for some help if possible.

I've been having some problems in my 60L tank, inhabitants were:
Dwarf Gourami - male
Yoyo loach
amano shrimp x1
Bristle nose catfish/pleco x1
Some neon tetras
Some raspboras

Not long after adding them in a couple of the raspboras went missing, and then another was dead floating at the top (within the space of 1-2 weeks), I naturally assume as they're missing, they've been eaten!

Now Today we find our catfish floating with all of his insides missing.

Who is the most likely aggressor, the loach or the gourami? I know the gourami's can be territorial but they have plenty of space and whenever I'm observing he just likes to hide away. The yoyo zooms around the tank like a nutter then will rest for an amount of time after, I've never seen it interact with other fish.

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Re: Who's Eating My Fish? #2
None of your fish are predatory enough to have done that. The most likely scenario is that the fish died first and was eaten by any/all of the others after death.