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Dead female betta #1
My female betta has been very still for a few days now, not eating, and hiding etc. This afternoon I found her dead. She is housed with two other female bettas, and black.phantom Tetra, plus some algae eaters.

On fishing her out, I noticed a white lump on her her side that I hadn't seen earlier.

Has something bitten her or is it something to do with how she died?

Any advice welcome.


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Re: Dead female betta #2
What size of tank are these in? I suspect she's been attacked. Possibly by the phantoms but most likely by the other females. A sorority of bettas needs at least five or more in a big enough tank. In smaller spaces and with fewer in the group there will usually be one who is picked on by the others.
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Re: Dead female betta #3
That looks like a bite mark not a disease.