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Wood for plecos #1

I’m shopping for decor this week, and have in mind that I will get a bristlenose pleco at some point (not too soon as just recovered from a cycle crash).

I have a 14L x 14H inch piece of mopani one end of my 80cm / 125l tank, so I will either get a piece just under 2ft and move the existing piece to my 70l, or get a piece for the other side.

My question is: do plecos prefer softer wood? Mopani seems dense compared to the other options so I was wondering what types of wood I should consider for a bristlenose.

Anything else I should consider?

Stock is 2 keyholes, 6 celebes rainbows, 4 platys, and will be getting a bristlenose and some panda corys in future.

Small tank has celestial pearl danios and emerald eyespot rasbora.

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Re: Wood for plecos #2
Bristlenose isn't a wood eater ( very few plecs are, only a few in the panaque and panaqolus families) but they do like to graze on the algae and biofilm that forms on wood so any aquarium safe wood will be fine.