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Fishless Cycling #1
I need some advice to anyone willing to read and help! I got a 75 gallon tank a little over a week ago with a used filter with filter media in it. I wanted to start my cycle and did so by adding clear ammonia to the tank. At first my ammonia reading was really high 4-8ppm and I tested everything a few days later and I already have nitrites and nitrates in my tank. I did a quick tap water test just to make sure my normal water was without any chemicals.
Here is my question. What do I do now that my tank is reading 0ppm of Ammonia and 2ppm of nitrites and 40 ppm of nitrates. I heard once I have nitrates I am almost done with my cycle so I am continuing to add ammonia to reach 2ppm and see how long it takes to process but I am confused to how quickly nitrates showed up in my tank. Any advice would help!
Thank you
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Re: Fishless Cycling #2
It looks like some of the bacteria in the used media has survived and given your cycle a good head-start. Keep topping ammonia up daily (if ammonia drops to 0) until both ammonia and nitrite are at 0 with 24 hours of dosing.