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Keyhole chasing platy #1

As per previous post, currently doing a fish in cycle as my cycle crashed.

My nitrite was stuck at 0.5 for 4 days, so decided to move my platy into my 70l as had to feed them and thought moving one of the larger fish might boost the cycle formation, seems to have worked as this morning nitrite is 0.25. I’m 2 x Prime dosing every 24 hours.

However, I put the platy in a tank with two keyholes who are 2 inches. They are very much juveniles but they are nudging him out the way. Chasing is perhaps a strong term, more just making their presence known. They are leaving the celestial pearl danios alone, have never shown any interest in little fish (celestial pearls and other nano fish will be staying in the 70l as their long term home).

Should I create more cover in the smaller tank? Or move the landscape around? Prefer not to keep moving the platy if possible as he’s been through an Esha treatment recently, and jumped out the tank 10 days ago! Think he’s had ebough stress hence decided to get him out of the tank with 0.5 nitrite.

Neither tank is due a water change until the weekend, and don’t want to mess with it sooner (as too much interference created the crash) but can move decor around? When I was doing small water changes every 2 days the levels were all over the place, didn’t appear to be cycling, as soon as I stopped the cycle picked up. Concerned the keyholes see him as an intruder. They’ve lived together before for two months, but I currently only have one platy. Due to lockdown I can’t find seem to find more at the moment, have tried, and obviously now need to wait now until all my fish are back in the main tank, and the cycle has held for a couple of months.

It’s a juwel primo 70 so 2ft by 1ft. Too small for the keyholes but had to remove some fish to get the cycle going, didn’t want to put them all through an extended fish in cycle, and kept the keyholes together as they’re paired. I figured with less fish it’d take less time, hopefully that was the correct thing to do. Good to see nitrite reducing after a week. Left the hardier fish in the main tank.

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Re: Keyhole chasing platy #2
If the keyholes are paired and in a small tank then any lone interloper will be bullied. I would move the platy back to the other tanks.