Aquael Multimax External Filters #1
Does anyone have one of these filters and if so how do you find them i have 1500 and 2000 both very quiet seem good quality. But seems to be very hard getting spare parts for them which to me cancels out how good they are.
Am awaiting a new ceramic shaft which has broke on the 2000 hence why i had to buy the 1500 as a tide me over. Its crunch time for me as i will buy a known make that i can buy spares for with no problems.
Also the 1500 is a pain to prime i have heard that the earlier ones had a priming problem and that Aquel sent out a kit too sort the problem out. So am thinking that maybe this one is an older model and not 2020 model.
Re: Aquael Multimax External Filters #2
Maybe not the best place for advice then
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Re: Aquael Multimax External Filters #3
Yes, it doesn't look as though anyone on here has experience of those filters.
Aquael is a reputable brand, so I'd imagine their customer services dept would be good. If I were you, and indeed this is what I do if I have a question relating to a filter or heater or tank itself, I'd contact Aquael directly with a picture of the filter to find out if it's an older or newer model. Also, if you can find a source with spare parts (sometimes e-bay or various aquarium supplies websites stock them), then it might be worth stocking up with spare parts now rather than find yourself stuck later down the line if the filter suddenly malfunctions.
Re: Aquael Multimax External Filters #4
Thanks for the reply and advice yes i have tried the uk agent no reply as of yet. Found ebay some limited spares awaiting delivery from Poland
Maybe when they get a bit more popular spares might be easier to come by in the Uk hopefully.