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do marine snails breed #1
I remember when i had a tropical tank the snails used to breed like made, Do marine snails breed in a tank and how long do they live?
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Re: do marine snails breed #2
lifespan depends on the snail. many marine snails do breed but often their eggs are eaten by things in the tank before they hatch
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Re: do marine snails breed #3
Most if not all marine snails avalible are very difficult to breed as they need to go into the Plankton stage of life so are normally eaten within the tank before they can settle down and transform into snails.
The only snail that I know of at the moment that does not require this plankton stage so can be easily bred in a tank and is a Fantastic addition to anyones marine system..is the Dove snail. They produce little egg sacks that contain 2-8 eggs inside....looks like a mini petri dish......which later hatch into tiny snails.
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Re: do marine snails breed #4
Thousands of species of aquatic snails find their way into aquariums. Many species can thrive and breed under aquarium conditions. Aquariums snails either reproduce by laying eggs or giving birth to live young.
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Re: do marine snails breed #5
Thanks for sharing.