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Platy Help!! #1
Hi Everyone,

I am new to this so I apologise in advance!!

My Male platy has had one white spot on his bottom lip/ under chin his chin for a about 4 weeks now. No change and no more have appeared, so I have ruled out white spot/ ich?

He is eating and as happy as usual. Water is all fine and no other fish have this. Our tank is no overstocked and we have a 130 litre tank, all real plants and plenty of moss balls.

The lump is like a round line coming out of his chin... very strange. Any advise would be helpful. I have tried to get a good photo!

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Re: Platy Help!! #2
He's lovely (and good photo).

As the spot hasn't changed, no more have appeared, and he's eating and behaving as usual, I don't think it's anything to concern yourself about at the moment. I would simply continue to monitor the situation, and ensure that your water quality is *consistently* at 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite and <20 nitrates (or no more than 20 above tap water nitrates level) to optimise the possibiity of it disappearing or at least not getting any worse.

If there is any change at all, let us know, and we'll advise further.