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Sturgeon lying upside down at bottom #1
Bought two sturgeon about a week ago( both approx 15cm), one seems quite active and swims along the side of the pond, whereas the other generally lies upside down at the bottom and rarely moves unless prompted to. Have 2 filters and 2 aerator in the pond and 3 goldfish with multiple plants. Regular feeding of both sturgeon food and fish pellets.
Really worried about the one that is lying upside down, anyone able to give information on possible issues?
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Re: Sturgeon lying upside down at bottom #2
My hunch is that this is diet-related and that the fish needs something in addition to dried foods.

Which species of sturgeon is it? If you know the scientific name, then it's worth searching for its requirements on www.seriouslyfish.com - there's a section on Diet in particular. Here's an example of one: https://www.seriouslyfish.com/species/lamontichthys-filamentosus/