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Black Moor Problem #1
Evening everybody
Around a week ago now i noticed that one of my black moors has developed white patches on the left side of its tail. I went to the local pet store and they advised me that it was White spot, i treated the water by following the instructions on the bottle.
Unfortunately the white patches are still visible. Im hoping somebody will be able to advise me as to what it is, or/and what to do next?
I have a 40 Litre tank, change the water regularly and i havent added anything new to the tank for about 6 months. The white patches are only visible on 1 of the 2 black moors in the tank, nothing else is in there.
Thanks in advance

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Re: Black Moor Problem #2
That is not white spot (white spot looks as though the fish has been sprinkled with salt). That is excess slime-coat caused by irritation. Can you post test results for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and pH, please?

Also take a look at this article on tank-sizes for goldfish as I'm afraid yours is much too small for them. ... -size-life-expectancy.htm