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Whitespot treatment #1
Hello, i have got 1 tropical fish with white spot

I have moved the fish into a separate little tank to keep it away from the rest and done a water change in the main tank.

Would i need to treat the whole tank or just the additional setup I've moved the quarantined fish too?

Many Thanks for all help in advance
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Re: Whitespot treatment #2
You've taken the correct course of action in quarantining the fish visibly affected which might reduce the likelihood of the others succumbing or at least as severely as this particular fish.
In https://www.fishkeeping.co.uk/articles_88/white-spot.htm, the "General Rules..." section advises treating the main tank too and the rationale for that. Don't forget to bear in mind other tank inhabitants (eg shrimp, snails) and where you'll house them during treatment, and also don't forget to remove any carbon from the filter during treatment.
Best of luck!