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Re: Swollen vent and buoyancy #11
What sad news - I read this earlier today and it actually brought a lump to my throat and some tears, so I can only imagine how you must feel.

I'm glad a vet was able to help, and it must be of some consolation to know exactly what was happening rather than always wondering, and knowing that you probably spared her potentially weeks of suffering, and that she had a peaceful end. Her age is testament to the good care you gave her over her life.

You will miss her - I still miss mine daily - but hopefully you also have fond memories of her and what she contributed to your life (as well as you to hers).

Thanks for the update - much appreciated.
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Re: Swollen vent and buoyancy #12
Thanks everyone for your kind words. I still have other fish here (but not goldies), so will keep tabs on the forum now and then and will be sure to drop by with any questions I may have.