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Moving house #1
After 10 happy years in Croydon, circumstances are forcing me to move up north and I won't be able to take my fish with me. I have a 4ft tank with a couple of cherry barbs and at least 8 small plecs and i desperately need some help and advice on how to get them all safely rehomed.

I'm also not sure what to do with the aquarium as its too heavy for me to shift. I dont want to break it up as I'm sure someone could use it.
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Re: Moving house #2
I'd usually suggest Aquarist Classifieds or your LFS for rehoming, but may not be possible due to social distancing. Similarly with eBay/Aquarist Classifieds for the tank. Is taking them with you completely impossible?
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Re: Moving house #3
Have you considered trying a contact with the Blue Cross animal shelter organisation, or even the PDSA? Blue Cross does try to help with potential re-homing if they can.
It's so annoying with so many organisations being closed down. Or are there any other fishkeeping societies around you? I don't live near enough to offer any re-homing, unfortunately.
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Re: Moving house #4
In addition to the good suggestions here, last week I discovered "Fish Rescue and Welfare" public Facebook group. A google search for "fish rescue Facebook" also brings up lots of local groups. I can't vouch for how good any of these would be - some adverts look as though the fishkeeper will take any assortment of fish for the one tank which is rather concerning while others suggest the fishkeeper is more knowledgeable and experienced about suitable conditions and compatibility of fish in a tank.

If you were interested in re-starting up an aquarium up north, then there are fishtank removal services / aquarium relocations, if that helps at all?