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Newbie Help. #1
Bought a Superfish Start 50 Tropical Tank - but have not used heater so I can start with cold water fish.
Rectangular glass aquarium
Internal filter (Aqua Flow 100)
5W LED Light
Aqua Start Water Conditioner
Bacto Start Filter Starter
Love fish air pump

44cm x 28cm x 44cm (LxWxH) - including hood
Capacity: 45 litre

Fish = 2 Ryukin, 2 Black moor, 6 tiny Bards

However, 1 black moor, kept lying on the bottom and has now got worse.

I Ryukin goes to the bottom a lot but also swims a lot.

I have use the dip water tester strip

Ammonia - ok

use the 5 in 1 strip for GH, KH, PH, N02 & No3 - again all colours ok

Really not sure where I am going wrong - really am a novice - any help much appreciated?

All bought equipment and fish from the same store.

Been other stores getting conflicting information - constipation, swim bladder, stress or tank too small.

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Re: Newbie Help. #2
The first thing is that the tank is far too small for 4 fancy goldfish. These fish will grow to 8 inches long and goldfish produce a lot of waste which affects water quality. For the four of them, you're going to need a 300-litre tank with powerful filtration. This article explains about the tank size they need: ... -size-life-expectancy.htm

The most urgent issue is that your tank hasn't been cycled. This means ammonia and nitrite will build up in the water and poison the fish. The test strips you're using are notoriously inaccurate so you need to get a decent liquid-based test kit right away. Test for ammonia and nitrite daily and if either shws anything above 0 perform a water change to get it down. There's a lot more information about dealing with ammonia/nitrite spikes here: ... ammonia-nitrite-spike.htm. This article explains the nitrogen cycle: ... hless-cycling-article.htm and here's a link to a decent test kit: ... m:mAiEcKS4LhMXS8JqxKEvA-Q