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Fry in my filter. #1
Hi all,

Just finished a weekly maintenance on my aqua one aqua nano 40 tank and found a tiny fish inside the built in filter at the back of the tank. I only have 6 CPD's and 4 Emerald Rasbora in there along with some Amano and Cherry shrimp. I'm guessing the adults spawned and somehow this single fry got into the filter. Interestingly though I have not seen any fry in the tank but then again it is pretty heavily planted. I don't have anywhere else to put it so I guess my question is can it live in there for a while and how/what can I feed it? Is it safer in the filter away from the adults or should I attempt to catch it and put it back in the main tank? Do nothing because it's unlikely to survive anyway?


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Re: Fry in my filter. #2
He can't stay in the filter as he'll need larger foods than it contains as he grows but is not safe in the main tank yet as the other fish will eat him (that's where the rest went). I suggest a breeding net floated in the tank to keep him safe until he's too big to eat.