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Can I have more fish??? #1
Hi everyone,
I'm relatively new to the fish keeping hobby about 18 months. Started out with a bowl as my son wanted a fish and very quickly realised it was a mistake 🙄🙄. So now I have a juwel 125L tank.
It has 2 fancy tail goldfish, 2 amino shrimp and 2 apple snails. Ive been doing research on the internet and YouTube and seeing mixed reviews. I'm just after a bit of variety really to boost the tank. What do you guys think???🤔🤔
I've seen a lot of people say to add white clouds or rosy barbs etc but just dont really dare take the plunge.
Any advice would be really appreciated thank you.
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Re: Can I have more fish??? #2
It's generally not a good idea to mix other fish with goldfish. When your goldfish grow to full size they will eat smaller fish. In the long term, even for the two you have, you'll need a bigger tank. Have a look at this: ... -size-life-expectancy.htm