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Beta Fish Rot #1
Hello everyone,

Kinda panicking, had a female beta fish for about 4 weeks now and has seemed happy and healthy until now. Just noticed her fins are sparse and seem decayed. She is not moving much at all. I have no spare tank or filter or heater as one is coming in the next few weeks. What should I do please help. They live in a 60 gallon tank with one other beta fish and some Dalmatian mollies.

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Re: Beta Fish Rot #2
Is the other Betta male or female? Males shouldn't be kept in the same tank as females as they will attack them and this could cause fin damage. With females, they can be kept together in a large tank with plenty of plant cover but only in groups of 5 or more. If only 2 are kept, one will become dominant and bully the other.

You can treat the fin rot with Esha 2000, but if it's been caused by nipping it will come back and the fish may become so stressed that she dies.