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Fish breeding and store credit? #1
Hey everyone hope you're all well.

I was just wondering if it's common practice for fish stores to generally offer store credit if you were to breed a lot of fish?

I'm not planning to actually do this for the profit etc but i really love the idea of trying to eventually breed all the fish i have as it's always been something I've loved to know that I've been able to witness and care for the new fry.

However, i won't have room in my main tank to keep them so wanted to know how everyone else deals with ending up with lots of fry in this case?
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Re: Fish breeding and store credit? #2
From what I can gather of reading about this recently, it depends on various factors such as how popular the species is (eg shops could potentially be inundated with livebearer fry) and at the discretion of the individual store (even among chains) whether or not to take on the fish fry - and whether store credit itself is offered or not is another dimension entirely.

If no luck at a LFS, and additional tanks aren't an option for you, then another option is to offer them via a site such as www.aquarist-classifieds.co.uk

Well done on your efforts so far and good luck in future endeavours.
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Re: Fish breeding and store credit? #3
Many stores won't take fry at all, of those that do, quite often they won't offer anything in exchange for them. If you want to try your hand at breeding there are a few things I would advise.

1) Check with your local shops as to whether or not they will take fry before you start.

2) Don't breed anything that's too easy or that's always available in the shops as there is less chance of them taking young from you. Often they can buy all the common species from wholesalers for mere pennies so there's no benefit to taking fry from hobbyists, just the potential for introducing disease or receiving poorly bred stock.

3) Look to breed rarer and more interesting fish and you'll have better success rehoming them (though not so obscure that there's no demand for them)

4) Make sure you have space for the extra tanks you'll need for spawning fish and for growing on fry to saleable size.