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New Cichlids Tank what to add ? #1
I've kept fish for 25 yrs from 7ft Marine tanks to your more standard 4ft tropical tank (Guppies,neons etc)

I recently moved and am running in a 4ft tank (no fish in there)

What kind of cichlids would go together ?

Also is wise to currently buy fish on line or wait to shops come back (I live in uk) I'm not aware if any are open i live near Coventry

Any advice appreciated
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Re: New Cichlids Tank what to add ? #2
If I were you, I'd have a browse around the following links' species profiles to look at each species' requirements in terms of tank size and compatability with one another: ... aresheets.php?cat=Cichlid

I would not bother contemplating stocking until you've completed your fishless cycle ... hless-cycling-article.htm and, while this is underway, use this time to work out which fish would potentially suit your tank size and which are compatible with one another.

Hope that helps a little, and apologies for having no experience of these fish to be able to share with you.