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Cause of death? #1
She was doing fine in my community tank for a few weeks and then became lifeless but still breathing. Water parameters were fine apart from being a bit hard and about 8.0PH. She was in my hospital tank for a few days and her body looked fine but She didn’t make it. My other fish seem fine but what do you think may have caused this?

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Re: Cause of death? #2
To help us get the fuller context and thereby help you further, we need to know:
* size of tank, and when the tank was set up, cycled and how it was cycled, make/brand of filter;
* inhabitants (incl number of each species), and when each were added;
* actual readings for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and PH in recent weeks, pre- and post- water changes;
* water change maintenance regime;
* GH and KH and/or CaCO3 and German degrees hardness readings for your postcode from your water supplier website;
* how you set up the filter in the hospital tank, and whether you treated her with medication and what (if so).