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Dwarf puffer? #1

I have been thinking for such a long time to add one dwarf puffer to my 54 liter fish tank. My fish tank does currently have 10 cardinal tetras and 20+ cherry shrimp. I have a few questions.

1. What would happen to my cherry shrimp if adding one dwarf puffer to the tank? Would it kill all of them or would it just Keep down the shrimp population?(i dont want this many shrimps, and they reproduce pretty fast).

2. What daily foods can I buy in the petstore for my dwarf puffer? All I can think of is frozen bloodworms bit i know i have to vary Its food more than that. I dont want to have a second fish tank for snails or such.

3. Is there any "vacation food" for dwarf puffers? Sometimes i am away from home 3 days Up to a week.

4. How many days would 100g frozen bloodworms last for my tank(I have other food for My tetras and shrimp but they would maybe also eat the bloodworms?)
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Re: Dwarf puffer? #2
A dwarf puffer ought to be kept in a specialist/species-only tank. While, rarely, some individuals *may* be ok with other fish (usually otocinclus), it depends on the personality of the individual puffer, so at the very least you'd need a ready-made back-up plan of its own tank if things didn't work out. Sometimes, with fish that ought to be kept in a species-only tank but where people wish to take a risk, the situation starts off ok but can suddenly change. If you or someone else is not around all day, every day with the tank in line of sight and to intervene if the situation suddenly goes awry (and NB this can happen overnight), then taking a risk like this is absolutely not a course of action I'd recommend - and especially with a small tank like this - or subject my existing inhabitants to.

If you're concerned about too many cherry shrimp, have you thought about giving them away or selling them? Your LFS may be interested, and Aquarist Classifieds (if you're UK-based or an equivalent if not) is another option.

If you do decide to keep a dwarf puffer in a *separate* tank, then I'd recommend the advice in the following which ought to answer Qs 2 and 3 (and I'd imagine that Q4 can only be answered by testing the situation out for yourself if you proceed with this option, as individual fish have varying levels of appetite): ... sheet.php?caresheetID=181 ... to-keep-dwarf-puffer-fish ... how-to-keep-dwarf-puffers

Hope that helps.