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Help quick im worried about my zebra danio and if it will get my other fish sick #1
I have recently got my fish tank and have had it for a little over a month. There are two pumps and a undergravel filter as well as a heater considering it is only 64 L. My father who has had fish tanks for ever set it all up well.

In it I have guppies (M/F), Mollies, 2 swords, 2 loaches and a few small catfish as well as a few danios. Theres no intention of adding more dish as they fit quite comfortable.

I noticed a few momments ago that one of my blue zebra danios has a clear casing over most of its body other than its tail and inside that casing there are a couple red small lumps . No other fish in the tank has the same condition.

I feel terrible for not having noticed sooner and searching online wont give me any answers. I need to know what this weird condition is, how to stop it if need be and if it will affect my other fish?

Urgent urgent replies please. It could be dropsy which I only just heard off

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Re: Help quick im worried about my zebra danio and if it will get my other fish sick #2

Did you do a fishless cycle before adding any fish? I think maybe not, and in that case, the fish is most likely suffering an infection brought on by poor water quality as you have a lot of stock for a new tank. Please post test results for ammonia and nitrite which will confirm this and we can advise on what to do about it.