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Oase Biomaster 250, 350 or 600 #1
Im thinking of getting either a 180l, 200l or 240l tank to keep Cichlids.

I've heard you should have a minimum of 200l to keep Cichlids, and to overstock them and to over filter them. (im presuming i would get away with a 180l but not ideal)

With that in mind what size Oase Biomaster filter would you recommend for each of them three tanks? the 250, 350 or 600?
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Re: Oase Biomaster 250, 350 or 600 #2
200L/4ft really is the bare minimum for a Malawi community. If you drop down to 180L you'd be best sticking to a single species: maybe one of the dimorphic types like Pseudotropheus saulosi to give you two colours.

I'm not familiar with Oase filters, but from a quick look online I'd be inclined to use the 350 on a 180 or the 600 on bigger tanks.