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?Fish disease #1
I am new to keeping tropical fish only a few months in. At first I had problems with ammonia levels and lost two fish but managed to get that under control. I have had a few problems with nitrites too but also managed to get that under control. At the minute I have an 18l tank with 2 mollies and 4 very tiny guppy’s. I noticed yesterday that my orange molly developed red blotches on his face but seemed ok still swimming around and eating. Today I have come home from work he was dead, his body had gone very pale and where one of the red blotches were was a hole in its face! Does anyone know if this is due to disease as I am now worried for my other fish in the tank? I apologise for the graphic pic but there is no other way to explain!!!

Thank you!! 😊

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Re: ?Fish disease #2
I think the hole has happened after death, probably another fish nibbling at it.

You really need a considerably larger tank as 18 litres is much too small for mollies, or any fish reallyand you will be constantly dealing with poor water quality and the problems for fish that brings. Mollies need a 3ft long tank, ideally.