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Pond filter issue #1

I have a oase biosys filter and I have taken the UV off thus leaving 1 hole in filter in which water can escape. The other one has the water supply in.

Does anyone know if you can get something that has a lip in the middle and a screw thread on both sides of it so I can screw from the inside to hold it to the filter and screw the other side to a blocking cap.

Also does anyone know the size of the hole as I think at moment it is 1 3/4 inches??
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Re: Pond filter issue #2
Unless you were to ask Oase is there such an item as you require (and pay lots of money for it) I would suggest you make your own.
As you in effect have a "wall" with a hole in it (I am not that familiar with Oase filters) could you not cover said hole with a "lid" from something* and silicone it in place?
Obviously you will have to empty the filter and dry the side where the hole is and then silicone in place your lid.

* (Examples) CD case, drinking chocolate lid, old store card........