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Frog clamping onto fish #1
Please help!!

2 days ago our koi fish had a fish clamped on top of his head. We managed to catch fish and remove the frog but it looked as though the frog’s back foot was clamped onto one of it’s eye. When I went to check this fish just now there was another frog clamped to it’s head!! I managed to remove the fish (with some difficulty) but I am very worried about this fish. I have isolated the fish temporarily in a crate within the pond but it is not very big. Any advise would be most appreciated.
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Re: Frog clamping onto fish #2
Sometimes frogs get confused and try to mate with fish. The problem is that the fish could be killed by this so I suggest you net any frogs and remove them from the pond then put a fine net over it to stop them getting back in.