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Leaking Tank, I think? #1
Hi all

Just looking for some advice if possible. My son has a small 52litre tank with a few neons, a pleco and some scissortail rasboras.

Basically I think I have a leak, however I’m not sure if it’s just condensation dripping off the lid. The tank will be absolutely fine for a week or so, then suddenly lose a 2-4 litres of water overnight, then be fine again. Due to the amount of water loss I’m shying away from the condensation theory, although there is plenty of ventilation in the lid and it has lips on the inside of the lid before the outer lip, causing drips to fall into the tank not outside.

Does anyone know of a reason a tank may only leak every now and then? Because I’m completely stumped. I’m at the point that I’m thinking of stripping it all down and just re sealing the inside edges, but I’d rather not stress the fish if it’s avoidable.

Thank you in advance,
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Re: Leaking Tank, I think? #2
I can't think of much to help you, but a couple of possibilities spring to mind. Do you have an external filter? The leak may be there and start/stop as muck inside moves and seals/opens a leak at the o ring or on one of the pipe connections. Or, it's possible that when the tank gets to a certain level due to evaporation that causes the flow from the filter outlet to change angle and overflow at the top of the tank - more likely if the outlet is facing a tank wall.