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Fish suitability #1
Hi. I have a 155 litre tank aquarium. The temp is 27 degrees.
We had some early problems.. and lost fish..
We currently have 1 angel fish. 6 neon tetras. 2 clown loaches. 1 golden plecco . 1 tiger barb (I think?? We had 4 originally)..a massive wood shrimp and 1 remaining I am not sure!!?? I have uploaded photos to help.
The tank is airated. I do a 10% water change 1 X a week , siphon the gravel 1 X ev 3 weeks. I hadn’t but am thinking I should clean the filters every month??(tell me if wrong - but when I checked after 4 weeks was filthy). I clean the filters in the water taken from the tank during water change..
Please advise on other suitable fish..
We did have 2 angels, but one died.. the surviving angel did seem aggressive to other fish but now solo does not seem to be.. Personally I would like another angel , but don’t want more trouble/deaths ..
We were also looking at maybe 2/3 silver sharks - but I have read that the tank would be too small for 3 mature sharks?? (Only quoting not stating!)
I would like some bright fish.. please advise and let me know your thoughts..
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Re: Fish suitability #2

I'm afraid your tank is much too small for silver sharks which need an 8ft long tank and unfortunately is also too small for clown loaches which need to be in groups of six or more and in a minimum of a 6ft x2ft x 2ft tank. Depending on exactly what your pleco is, the tank is probably too small for him too as most of what's sold as a "golden" pleco grows to over a foot long.

So we can suggest fish that might be suitable, please let us know your pH and hardness (gH).