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200 Litre/ 53 gallon freshwater tropical stocking #1
Hello all,

First time posting on this site and I'm sure this question has probably been asked a few times before but I'm about to get a 200l tank and was wondering what other people would keep in a tank this size.

I have had a 25l tank for a few years now and wanted to really go for a bigger aquarium, I don't really have preferences on fish but like most I do like a bit of colour.

Any suggestions or tips from your own experience would be greatly appreciated

Look forward to chatting to you
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Re: 200 Litre/ 53 gallon freshwater tropical stocking #2
Check your water hardness in CaCO3/PPM or dH/German degrees hardness from your water company's website. If you live in the UK, this ought to be available by inputting your postcode into the website.

Once we know your results, then we can advise on what fish would be most suitable for your tank and your water hardness levels. Speaking from experience, it can be quite disappointing starting to develop ideas of potential stock, only to learn that water hardness isn't at all suitable for the proposed stock, then having to try to undo the enthusiasm for the particular fish, and re-orient thoughts towards completely different fish.