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new set up for tropical fish #1
I have just bought a 3 ft tank with gravel I know I need filter, pump, heater plants and fish and glass cleaner ,nets and fish vac .Was years since I had tropical fish their is a lot of new things now can anybody tell me what else I will need
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Re: new set up for tropical fish #2
Dechlorinator is a definite necessity, as is a water test kit for regular testing of ammonia, nitrite and nitrates at the very least - the API Master test kit contains all of these although there are many other brands which also do good quality liquid tests.

You might find this section helpful: https://www.fishkeeping.co.uk/modules/smartsection/ and particularly this https://www.fishkeeping.co.uk/articles ... hless-cycling-article.htm

Look up your water/utility company website to establish your water hardness in CaCO3 or German degrees hardness. That ought to help work out which fish match your water in terms of their water hardness requirements.