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Changing out the sand in an aquarium #1
I've had play sand (the type from argos) about 5 months in my 60L tank. I added plants too and for obvious reasons even with the appropriate root tabs + fertiliser the plants are not growing well/some dying. I want to take out the sand and add a soil base for my plants. + the sand is gone very dull in appearance even with weekly vacuuming, I would rather buy one made for aquariums.

I currently have 3 guppies, 5 neon tetras and 1 sunset platy. They are all happy and the tank has been cycled for about 4 months. Is this something that is possible to do at this point? Or is there risk of damaging the tank bacteria? The filter I have is a interpret CF1.

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Re: Changing out the sand in an aquarium #2
Not an expert but I think that if you were to change the sand, you would need to gradually change it over to the new stuff probably over a couple of weeks so that you don't lose too much bacteria etc.

I think you'd maybe need to rinse/wash/soak the new stuff in tank water (during a water change perhaps??) before it goes in as well, but not too sure if that's necessary with sand.
Someone else will be able to confirm!

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Re: Changing out the sand in an aquarium #3
Most soil substrates leech ammonia into the water for a couple of weeks or more so it's not really a good idea to change to soil with fish in the tank.