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Understanding my plants #1
Hi all, third post in as many days... This time, about plants!

I have some marimo moss balls, some (lots) of elodea, some rotala, and some cabomba in my cycling tank. My elodea is shooting up and about a third of the length of each stem was floating on the surface of the water, while the rest was submerged with the strands stuck in the gravel. I noticed this morning something on them which I'm sure wasn't there yesterday - lots of white, root-like things dangling down from about half way down the plant - some plants having several of these. I tried Googling and found someone saying that the plants send these out when the tops of the plants breach the surface of the water, but not what they are or what I should do with them. I pruned back the elodea today so they're not poking out of the water, but what should I do about the roots - if that is what they are? Do I prune them off too, or leave them? Does it have any effect either way, besides the aesthetics of the tank?

Secondly, my cabomba. At the top of a lot of them there are some stems with yellow buds on top. All but one of these are below the water surface. A few of these, including the one above the water, have opened up, revealing little yellow flowers. They usually stay open for a bit and then close again. Slowly, one by one, they stopped opening up - except the one above the waterline. Some of the ones under the water have started to wilt and droop. I'm guessing that these flowers usually only open up above the water. Do I need to do anything with the stems that are wilting below the water? Will they be fine to leave, until one day when the plant grows above the water? Will these die and start to decay? Do I need to cut them off? Will cutting them off damage the plant?

Thanks for any advice you can give, I have tried Googling but surprisingly I haven't found much information at all.
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Re: Understanding my plants #2
Stem plants like elodea frequently put out aerial roots. If you find them unsightly you can prune them without harming the plants.

Cabomba flowers above the surface. I would remove those that are below the surface and wilting as they will probably start to rot and may affect the whole plant.