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Chloromine #1
Hello every one. After 15 years of being a Fish keeper i am totally at a loss at the chloromine situation.
I have lost very few fish but i had the water professionally (Loose term) checked and they said it was a surprise my fish are alive (hmmm) the fact that the rosy barbs had 4 surviving babies last year i think i might be ok. the issue i do find is my plants die so easily which apparently is the chloromine.

Googled it and there are so many differing opinions and ways in which it can be removed. but they all come with different problems or extremely expensive.

So what is everyones thoughts on the removal of chloromine ?

Personally i am looking at active carbon in the external oase thermo 350

Vison 260 tank
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Re: Chloromine #2
Many of the dechlorinators nowadays additionally address chloramine, partly because water companies are increasingly adding it to the water. For example, Seachem Prime treats it, and increasing the dosage of API Tap Water Conditioner treats it.