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snails #1
I am on the 3rd week of a fishless cycle, and looking at the tank this evening, I have noticed some small snails having a party on my conch shell. one of the plants in particular has about 15 of the little darlings still asleep by the look of it. is there a way to get rid of them now ?? OR do I wait for the arrival of the fish, which I hope will be saturday if readings continue to be good. Also is there a variety of fish that eat them or not. Obviously I am new to this game . Many thanks. All 5 plants came from the same source which is a local small aquatic centre.
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Re: snails #2
Remove them now. One way that can work is to put a bit of lettuce in the tank at night (weigh it down with a stone) and first thing in the morning you should find most of the snails on it and can pull it out complete with snails.

There are some fish that will eat snails, but they either aren't suitable for community tanks or are in need of very large tanks (6 ft or so) so it's not practical to use fish in most cases.