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Feeding Tropical Fish #1
Hi there,

Our tank came from friends who wanted the space , it had some fish in it, too :)

It's 150l and came wth

2 pengiun tetras
3 ginger tetra
7 rummy tetra
1 black phantom tetra (who we didn't spot for 4 days as he hid) 3 corydorys
a few neon tetras and a few cardinal (i can't really tell the difference)

After much discussion with the two local fish stores, we added

3 ginger tetra
3 black phantom tetra (original seems much happier now)
some more cardinal and neons (I can't remember how many but to make minimum school for each) and they're really hard to count
we also have
1 gourami (was 2 - 1 taken back due to fighting)
1 bristlenose
4 mollies (then swapped as had pregnant ones and male and females) we will ultimately have 6 mollies in total (have lots of fry atm but will be going back to the shop)
and 1 betta (being picked on at a friends)

They all get along great , water parameters are :
amonia 0
nitrite 0
nitrate 5
ph 7.8

oh and we've added 4 amano shrimp (not that we can see them) and 4 wizard snails.

My question, is feeding. I have got the following and been given :

Bottom Feeder sinking pellets (they all dive for these apart from the penguin tetras and betta)
Novo Granomix
algae wafers
teraPro colour flakes
Novo tabs
generic tropical flakes
and we bought baby tetramin before we realised we could just crumble the flakes

I'm aware its feed enough so they eat it all in 2 mins (apart from bottom feeders which apparently is 30 mins?)

However , the penguin tetras only seem to go for stuff at the top, . The Betta I've tried to put some food on his leaf but it falls off, all the small fish will eat whatever i throw in

How much of what should I be feeding an how often. The people we had the tank from , fed every other days, but with fry I don't think you can do that.

I know people say a pinch and I've seen someone say 3 pellets per corydory which means 12 for us. before anything else.

so many quesitons and doesn't help with the mountain of food options I've already got. But I want to ensure the Betta (of all of them) gets what they need, and at the right frequency .

i'm sorry for giving you all the information at once, but I'm just trying to cut down on all the question you may have before able to suggest the right way to move forward.

Thank you .

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Re: Feeding Tropical Fish #2
Use one floating food and one sinking each day feeding as much as they will eat in about 2 minutes. Swap around which of the foods you use from one day to the next to give some variety. After lights out drop in a couple of algae wafers for any bottom feeders who may have missed out.
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Re: Feeding Tropical Fish #3
perfect thank you . didn't think about feeding after lights out :)