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Spray bar in stream tank #1
Hey guys. So im new to this forum and im new at a hillstream tank. So this is my plan. If anyone knows Rachel O'Leary's youtube channel you have probably watched her hillstream tank. That is what im trying to imitate. Ill be having a custom made tank. It would be 4ft length x 2ft width x 1 ft height. I would probably be using a submersible pump or a powerhead, attach a pvc to the outtake and add sponge to the intake. Then the pvc would be a DIY spraybar with little holes (probably 3-4 mm). Reason for this is cause i read somewhere that the larger the holes the slower the flow and the more the holes the slower too. For plants ill have jungle vals and add some dwarf sags here and there. If possible, ill carpet it with some dwarf hairgrass too. Sand substrate, medium - high lighting, Ill be dosing some Flourish no co2 addition. Fish will probably be a small school of Danios and albino cories. Probably a rainbow shark and tiger barbs too. So question is, is this tank just a dream or possible? Are there any flaws? Please guide me if there are some! I really dream to have a hillstream setup! :)
Addition, If filtration capacity is low, ill add a HOB filter here too
And, if you know Oliver knott, the Oliver explains Stream tank is the one i really like too