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Shower/Wet Dry Drip/ Trickle type filters?? #1
Hi first post so please be gentle with me. Been into fishkeeping since aquaria were held together with clay putty not silicone. Got myself up to speed on many issues but recently and apparently 2 years to late I stumbled across these new fangled top mounted trickle or shower filters with multiple chambers , that apparently in some cases you can also grow plant in as well. The articles online suggest better aeriation, better nitrate and nitrite removal, good aerobic bacteria colonies etc and ctually look rather natty. But no one appears to sell them now only two years after they exploded onto the market. saw some beautiful professionally made ones out of perspex and glass that looked superb atop of aquaria. Seen some dude on YT called Pondguru absolutely raving about them. But I see none for sale anywhere in the North East.

So whats what with these filters? Good bad, fad?
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Re: Shower/Wet Dry Drip/ Trickle type filters?? #2
You'll find certain aquarium manufacturers supply these as the included filtration with their tanks, built in. They aren't as efficient as canisters and they clog very easily unless you use mechanical filtration that can be cleaned/changed regularly at the top.

I built one myself for one of my tanks using a piece of plastic guttering covered in slate, filled with bio balls and fed by a powerhead in the tank, returning via a waterfall. I had plants growing in it (spider plants and peace lilies).