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Help (New to fish keeping) #1
Okay, so i'm new to fish keeping and i'm currently trying to create a 20 Gallon (long, NOT tall) community tank, the fish species im looking into getting include: Corydoras (non-specific at the moment), Cherry barbs, and harlequin rasboras, and my main discrepancy is how many of each to get to be able to maintain a stable equilibrium.

Thanks for any help,
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Re: Help (New to fish keeping) #2
All are shoaling species' so need to be in groups of at least six of their own kind. Increases beyond that need to take account of how fast nitrate rises between water changes as that's a good indicator of whether or not you are overstocked, but will depend partly on how high nitrate is in your supply. I would advise starting with six of each and them monitoring for a few weeks before adding more.