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Anymore fish for 300L?. #1
Hey everyone. I have a 300L coldwater tank. I had been keeping fancy goldfish but fancied a different direction. Originally thought about tropical but heard it can be expensive to keep a big tank heated. So decided to look at smaller coldwater fish.

I have had Danios and WCMM before with some Variatus platy in a smaller tank. It was a lovely mix. But now i have a much bigger tank, i am thinking of stocking ideas. I currently have just added 8 Zebra/leopard & gold zebra Danios and 6 WCMMs.

I did want to put some Variatus platy in but ive been reading they actually prefer the tank abit warmer (20ish) and maybe a gentler water flow. I am undecided what i can add next. Any ideas?. Perhaps just more Danio/ WCMM combos?.

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Re: Anymore fish for 300L?. #2
What temperature is your tank generally at? It would be worth checking the temperature ranges required by your current stock against the Caresheet sections on here, then maybe seeing if there are other fish whose temperature requirements and compatibility might overlap with this. Some fish are fine kept at sub-tropical/temperate levels which might be an option for you - barbs (eg golden, rosy and odessa), a couple of tetra species (eg buenos aires and bloodfin - although both grow quite large) and some cories (eg bronze, peppered, albino). You can find further caresheets/factsheets at seriouslyfish.com, so can see what size they grow to and whether they'd be compatible with your existing stock or not. Hope that helps.