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Tank near window? #1
Hi, I'm after a bit of advice please, if anyone can help?

I've had a 30 litre tropical tank near my kitchen window for a few years and it's been ok, but I'm after something new as the tank itself is a bit battered and I'm redecorating. It's a Aqua One UFO 350 corner tank which is possibly how I've got away with having it where it was, the shape helped block excess light. It's not the brightest of windows either.
I know having tanks near windows isn't recommended, but I've really liked having fish in that spot, they keep me company while doing the dishes So I'd like to find a way to make it work.

This is the spot with a tiny temporary tank; ... hSxKJvoC/view?usp=sharing

So, what could I go for as a replacement? I really like the Fluval Edge but I'm guessing that's going to suffer from the light? I'm happy at around 30 litres, I've had guppies in the UFO but wouldn't mind a betta set up. Could go bigger, or a bit smaller. Kinda curious about nano marine tanks too, do they suffer as much from too much sunlight? Total beginner with marine which I know isn't ideal for nano set ups either...
I'm sure I remember seeing natural filtration tanks on windowsills somewhere online which I wouldn't mind exploring, but Google isn't helping me find them again. Open to any ideas to make it work, really.

Any help would be much appreciated xx
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Re: Tank near window? #2
30litre is really too small for fish.

It is usually suitable for shrimps only and still small tanks are better suited for experienced hobbysts. Especially since you're placing them near the windows.

Small volume of water means the water (temperature, chemistry,...) change more rapidly which create fluctuation and easily stress the inhabitants. Especially when you place them near the window which will get sunlight/wind and tend to have temperature swing easily throughout the day.

Not to mention small volume means the fish have very limited space to swim in. Also limited oxygen supplies. Usually only very small fish or very inactive creatures are recommended for 30l tank (Mosquito bas, shrimps, one single betta,..) but still only recommended for experienced keepers due to fluctuation I explained before.

Thanks to your picture, I recommend you to get a 45litre tank (usually 45cm long) or 60litre tank is the best usually recommended (60cm long). It will probably the twice the tank you have right now though but trust me it will worth it :) . Fish do tend to behave much more interesting when they have a proper environment.

60l will also contains more volume and allow water to change slower throughout the day.

One more reason why people not recommend tank with direct sunlight is also because of algae growth... basically sunlight is intense and contains a wide variety of spectrum which encourage life to grow rapidly. (It means both algae, moss, plants,....). In a perspective of aquascaping, it creates an ugly tank unless you spend time mantaining it. However in term of ecosystem, and if you have good filtration system of course, it encourage growth of plants and algae which are the fundamental part of any ecosystem.
- Be very careful too because too much algae will encourage microbe growth, while usually it is beneficial, too much of it + bad filtration and areation can makes the water poisonous for fish or cause bad smell.

What I recommend:
- Get a bigger tank, do a lot of research then get your hands dirty :)
- Get a bigger tank, get the good filtration cycle going, get the right inhabitants and do proper mantainance :) ... 1&keywords=fishless+cycle
Just in case you don't know how to get a good cycle process going.
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Re: Tank near window? #3
Have you any fish still in the tank and, if so, what?

I think your options are:
* a tank with a 60x30cm 'footprint' (54-litre tanks are slightly shallower in height than 60-litre tanks, but 6kg less heavy which might be an important consideration for the work surface) - this would allow you to keep a shoal or two of small tetras or rasboras (suitable if your water is soft) or else endlers, guppies or platies (suitable if your water is hard) or else a larger shoal of micro-/nano-sized fish (eg celestial pearl danios).
* a tank of a similar size to your existing one or slightly larger - this would allow you to keep a betta (or shrimp or snails). ... uarium-tanks-and-cabinets is a good website and, if you scroll down the left-hand column, you'll see that one of their options is to filter (excuse the pun!) tanks by size.

I wouldn't recommend marine for the reasons you've said, including well-nigh impossible to do a nano set-up, as well as the fluctuations in temperature in a kitchen environment which really wouldn't be conducive to the sensitivities of a marine tank.

We'll be happy to help with further suggestions for fish, of course, but hope that helps in the meantime. :)