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Children given tanks #1
So my children 10 & 4 have been introduced to the fishy world

They was gifted a 17ltr tank each, with a small goldfish(peppa has been safely moved to to my empty tank 70l i know not ideal but better than 17ltr)

I feel sorry for the empty tanks, i have suggested a galloping fish(shrimp) for my 4r year old, i need a hardy shrimp, and what potential betta could i use in the other she wants a fighter (will it be big enough))
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Re: Children given tanks #2

Betta can just "survive" in such a small tank but for long term and the health of the fish, no not at all!

If you are experienced and careful enough, a minimum a would say is 30l tank. Novice fish keepers are advised to go with 45l tank minimum.

30l tank is just barely enough space for the fish to move around and betta is not a very active fish. However small volume means water will fluctuate much easier

45l would be the best in this case for your children if they want betta. But be careful because kids usually don't stop there once they have what they want haha :)

Anyway for the 17l tank, some people hay shrimps but i'd say it's better to have that tank dedicate for plants and carefully aquascape it.