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Is this "Kleen Off Ammonia" Safe to Cycle an Aquarium #1
Newbie here!

I'm planning on starting up a fishless cycle soon, but I have a couple questions about a product and if it is safe to use. I recently purchased a bottle of "Kleen off Household Ammonia" which people claim is suitable for fishless aquarium cycling. However, the bottle I received looks completely different from the bottle I've seen online. The bottle I see a lot of people showing is white with yellow and orange stickers, whereas the bottle I received in the mail is white with blue stickers rather than the orange and yellow.

It still states it is ammonia, but I just wanted to check it is still aquarium safe? I wanted to ensure it is just the packaging that has changed, and there isn't any additional additives that have been included making it unsafe for fish.

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Re: Is this "Kleen Off Ammonia" Safe to Cycle an Aquarium #2
They've changed the label. That's the new design. Last bottle I received was blue & white but one I used before was orange, yellow and white. Perfectly safe for a fishless cycle.